There is plentiful curiousity

I thought my first should perhaps speak towards me. I am yet to put any contact information about myself. For a while I might keep it that way…I intend to personify myself with that batman feel…remain in the shadows but contribute to society somehow.

I am an artist…performer, director, writer and choreographer…why am I blogging…curiosity gets the better of me sometimes…okay, all most all the time.  It looks interesting besides the fact that when I write academically I am always told “No, don’t write that way” frankly it has become annoying, but blogging is different right? I mean here is a place were I can write what I want ? how I want to? I am putting those question marks cause censoring exists almost everywhere. Larrdd knows you can’t post that video…no not that picture…no not that comment. My word then what are we suppose to do in social media? if we can’t express shit that we feel shitty about…WE WANT OPINIONS!!! Now that’s a riot


I tend to reflect back and forth…I reminisce a lot…so expect me to refer back to the past a lot while identifying with the future. I guess the curiosity begins today…to be honest I am not sure how often I will post but when I do…it will be worth while.

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