I speak fluent Curb your Enthusiasm

Now if you don’t know what Curb your enthusiasm is…shame on you…shame…the show is basically like pigs orgasm…just 30mins of excitement…my word no wonder bacon taste so good…pigs are happy.

Anyhow. The show stars Larry Davids as his probably fictional self Larry Davids a brutally honest man. Me and my friend Fiddy even developed a motto after him…The Larry (being brutally honest).

Now when I say I speak fluent Curb your enthusiasm…I mean I am fucking honest…for years I had been the guy who beats around the bushes…going in circles…geezus!! Now I can easily send a text saying “Hey come over so we can have sex” to any friend of mine…or person… but  what has inspired me to write this post today is my GF. who goes on to accuse me of “cheating” on her.

Now there is nothing that can piss a guy of then being accused of cheating when you are not. There are so many ways our conversation could have gone. One were she says “Hey babe, a strange girl contacted me saying ya’ll are a thing” in that way. I would have laughed…told her to give me that bitches number and we both laugh at her together. However she chose the latter…accusation without confirmation…’insecurities’….here is were the Larry comes in as quoted from the text I sent after lengthy accusations

“Lalela (listen). I don’t care. I don’t. You chose to be listening to some psycho bitches…both ya’ll can be friends. Leave my name out of your guys conversation”

The point I am making though is that some of us need to speak fluent Larry Davids…it makes things freaking luminating. Don’t be making stupid statements…going in circle…just be god damn…honest…stop making statements for other people…think, analyze then speak…

By the way Season 9 of Curb your enthusiasm was hella funny

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