My art has made me gay?

I have been meaning to post this for a while but internet can be…you know

Now I have a straight man my whole life. I remember I’d sit in my front yard so I could look across were my first and probably longest crushed lived. Curiously waiting for her to come outside and get water or something…anything
If that doesn’t make it clear there is always a list of girls I have been with in my back pocket….incase I need to prove something. Although to be honest I’ve always had a thing for lesbians….but that’s a tale for another day.
The major concern in this entry is how my art has made me gay? The question mark is there for a reason. Now I am an artist, performance artist. Directing, Choreography and Writing…and to be honest I do choreography and dancing more than the latter…beside it being a great work out for my body, I just love it. Now in drama there is a stigmatization…from the people outside who make statements that DRAMA STUDENTS ARE GAY!! #shocked_emoji…now let me make it clear that yes…most of the people in there are gay…that is very true….but not all of us okay. And some f those people are my friend and I love them very much…either way that is the conclusion people have made…if you’re a guy and you do drama equals being gay.

How cruel.

Now I have been gay for bout 9 years now…even with a GF…somehow I am still gay? All because I do drama. Now that’s just unfair…it’s like saying all politicians are corrupts…hahahha.#funny.
So my profession, art has made me gay…does not really help that I am a contemporary dancer…but question is do I mind…I mean of course I DO not…hell call me gay as much as you want…I’ll shrug my shoulders…smile…and weeks down the line…I am in your GF’s pants.
That is how the world function(son)

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