A stranger in my bed.

I’d like to speak bout something in order to do that However I want to tell a story my brother told me.

Wife (pregnant) was leaving to go somewhere…out basically…husband kissed her and said see you later. She walked out the door drove away…#vooom!!

Husband knowing when she’ll be back. Call his mistress. #tringgg_tringgg. She’s gone come over….unfortunately turns out the wife comes back earlier. You saw that coming didn’t you? While on the bed with his mistress “fucking” the wife walks in….sees the activity….screams…cries…and walks away….drives away

Cool Calm and Collected…the husband sends mistress away…takes bath… and sits and watches sport…wife comes back…with family still crying…the husband is shocked. What is going on?…the wife explains what she saw…the man denies it…Never…I was watching sports whole day…wife screams that he is lying she saw him

The man denies it….calling ancestors and all. The uncle calls the man to the side.

“Son, we are both men I understand manly urges…she is telling the truth isn’t she?” prods the uncle.

The man continues…Never. I never did… It must be the pregnancy. I swear I never.

Now everyone is confused. Who is lying? Did this even happen? The older people are convinced now that the wife is paranoid. They convince her she is…she is convinced that the pregnancy must be getting to her. Everyone laughs and joy in the family. The end?

Now what is the lesson in this tale…Keep to your lies? Cheat?

Always confirm yourself of what the truth is…before relying on others to confirm for you.

Truth be told there really is no lesson….I just love and hate this tale…thought whoever reads might find meaning to it.

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