What’s up my KAFFIR?

Now I don’t really know the history of the terms that I am about to speak about but I understand enough to place some questions.

Nigger vs Kaffir

We all have used nigger before, hey nigger! what’s good my nigger? et.c etc. however let’s address something nigga is an American term. The ‘supreme’ whites had been using this term to INSULT African American during those old times of slavery… you know that time right…black people taken and sold…abused and a lots of other atrocities “Coloured babies” much…

Throughout the progressive years however African Americas got “freedom” and things changed, one ultimate thing that they changed was the power behind the word nigga…TAKE THAT POWER BACK!! Nigga is now used as an endearing term. Wait? what? an endearing term? Yeah nigger that word now is for greeting a fellow brother.

So a word that was used to take power away from black people and insult them is used to appreciate a fellow black man…now that is dope. More than that it is an insult if a white person uses it…you could get shot!

This all brings me to my context SOUTH AFRICA…nkosi sikelel!!!!! AFRICA!!! We have used nigga quite a lot…hell I great some of my people with this term all the freaking time #South African love things!!! Let’s throw nigga away for a bit. Imaginary Bin (Throws it inside)


If black people in America can take away the insult in the word Nigga…what is stopping South Africans from doing the same thing with KAFFIR??? #questionmark #questionmark

What is stopping us from taking the apartheid out of the word KAFFIR. Just be walking in the streets…HEY my KAFFIR!! what’s up my KAFFIR! Is it perhaps that kaffir is more insulting than nigga or we are just lazy? I certainly wouldn’t mind to start this movement. The question as Chris Rock said will still be.

Can white people say KAFFIR???



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