Stuck washing the dishes

Recently my girlfriend confided how every time she goes home she really feels the unfairness behind being a girl/female. I am sure most will relate to what she said hell I freaking relate. So let me break it down…She gotta clean the house everyday. Wash dishes. Cook and dish for everyone….what is my take on this you ask? well you didn’t ask but I’ma tell you anyway.

I am the oldest in the family of 3…that’s mother, brother and sister. When I was young I had to play the “female” of the house. I had to run back from school as the bell rang…come wash the dishes and clean the house cause the little bastards had the house upside down. I am not saying it’s unfair, I am saying I understand

After cleaning and washing my school uniform I had to prepare dinner for everyone…mom usually came back very late…she gotta eat right. So, I am not saying it’s unfair, I am saying I understand.

This routine went on about basically 11 years… and that is what makes it worse isn’t it? That it is a routine…no matter how many times you clean the house…tomorrow they will be dirt. No matter how many times you wash the dishes…tomorrow you will be washing them again. We all hate routine.

So what is my conclusion in all of this….wait for it…it is going to be a lengthy conclusion.

Here is what I think is wrong… I think it is wrong for parents to give the mentality that a girl is suppose to be house hold maid. It is wrong for parents to tell their little girls to be in a position of serving all the time. It is not only unfair to them but also unfair to the boys. These boys will grow up with such mental states…they will come to varsity eat noodles and drink booze for the whole three years because they really don’t know how to make a simple meal.

“OMG make phuthu? how do I do that”

You will walk into their kitchen and it’s dirty because they don’t know how to clean that shit…..however to be fair and honest…in varsity girls are way more filthy then guys.. #what is up with that girls?

Anyway this training whatever we can call it, is surely wrong…it needs alteration…stop trapping girls in the house…let them live a little… let them come home late… let them play with mud and ride bicycles… let them be comfortable in telling you that they met a boy or two… or three…you never know

You know when you tell your kids you want them to have what you never had? yeah! What you never had is probably a parent who had a social conversation with you?  A parent who told you about their sex life and heart breaks…a parent who told you what they love. Give that to your child…stop blabbering about

“if they have sex they will get pregnant”

Rather tell them when they want to they can have sex…they must just be careful “protect” themselves. Now isn’t that a conversation worth having.

Let them girls make wrong decisions as well so you can guide them like how boys learn. I use to hunt snakes cause my grandpa told us snakes had magic….I learnt the hard was that they don’t. See an adventure with a lesson. Of course this is my opinion, I don’t know what background you’re growing up in….but I am asking you to consider it…what is your take??? 

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