Say it with your CHEST

We need to stop living in the comfortable world of trying to appease and be all fairy like…people need to god damn start swearing…fuck!. It’s not an adult priviledge to swear. Get yourself use to swearing…just wake up in the morning and swear.

‘I don’t swear’ wait a minute bitch weren’t you the one who was screaming fuck me harder just yesterday?? huh! huh! huh!

People need to stop living in this ‘perfect’ bubble they think the world is….stop apologizing for the moments of hardcore swearing….feels good doesn’t it….feels god damn good!!!!!!! That is me screaming there! A person who would have sworn a lot was Squidward from the natural favorite SpongeBob animation….but because it was for “kids” he was silenced. SQUIDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s so easy to do it as well….just FOUR letters…fuck is probably the most natural swear word to use.. It explains everything…excitement, anger, love, hate…fucking hell a whole lot of feelings and emotions. So why not use? Because you go to church? You’re saved? Bitch who saved you #rollseyes

In conclusion even though this is not an essay!!!! Everyone needs to swear, naturally…you don’t wanna be doing it when you’re old. That is just god damn depressing for ALL OF US (series reference)…. Remember Wolf of Wallstreet??? Fuck was apparently used bout 506 times…that is inspiration right there….if you use the word once a day you can do 365 times in a year….hardly enough fucks….however as Barney Stinson use to say CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!!!!

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