The awkward questions males ask each other (part 1)

Short-sexual bio: I am a heterosexual male. Number of female slept with haven’t exceeded my 10 fingers yet. In simple fact like any straight male… I love females.

Now a friend of mine asked me an interesting question

“Jigga bro, would you sleep…uhmmm would you fuck a transgender…?”

Let me be honest…I gave it a couple of second thoughts…then I was like realistic….”NO…knowingly? NO.

You was a dude before man. There is no amount of plastic surgery you can do for me to forget that you was a dude before…you could fucking look like Halle Berry for all I care…#celebrity reference.

Now I have nothing against the LTGB community. I have Gay and Lesbian friends…I love them to bits. I am even attracted to some of my lesbian friends…my word they are so hot. I tend to always inform my Gay friends that ‘dude…we’re friends…I love you to bits…but we both know I AIN’T GAY. So don’t try anything stupid yeah…even if I flirt with you,  it is just to pick up girls…like don’t think I fallen off the wagon…like this is you opportunity to fuck me…no man, I am hanging on that horse with my teeth.

Although I must admit “raising my hand of oath (left or right?)…I have ‘gay’ moments…but I blame that on my ART…see my previous blog titled “my art has made me gay?”

Back to my friends question would I knowingly fuck a transgender…and my answer is still NO. If I didn’t know then chances are yeah…but the work would have to be Caitlyn Jenner type of shit na mean? but even her I can see…so kubi shame

So what is your take? Would you or would you not? Drop thy comments below..lowwwww (Flo-Rida reference)

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