How Church/Religion have become a business

My friend and I (Mlondi) are not church fans….DEVIL KIDS you say? Well put a sock in it.

We have interesting conversations….yes it would seem the rumors are true.. not every guy conversation revolves around woman.

How many suits and cars is your pastor suppose to have without having a ‘job’ before you realize that you’re the one paying for it.

There has been a lot businesses that have failed because their marketing strategy is poor…well the people they use are not experience… they just don’t have the face…or “that thing”. What kind of person do they need you ask…? Someone known by all… someone easy to listen to…someone who can embody all your belief into everything they do… the special one…not Jose Mourihno…you thinking bout him…sounds familiar right.

That is how the business of church and religion has thrive…they have found the right guy to market their business God/Jesus. Who better then the “creator” of life to use as a marketing strategy.

I frankly don’t remember the last time I was in church…and to be honest…can I be honest?… let me be honest… I hated every minute of it. I don’t wanna lie to you and say believe in religion and church…cause I don’t… But we’re not talking bout me here…we are talking bout the thriving church business… a franchise

Mlondi and I were talking bout this matter. And he informed me bout a church in his hood that had an online payment method…online…you mean an EFT? EFT nigger!!!! God damn! What happened to paying only the money you have?

Jesus!!!??? Help us out here man…we’re broke!! why are we giving you money at church? what you need this money for man? You renovating heaven there every Sunday?

People are even fighting for positions and promotions… kanti what is going? Is this a corporate business? If it is whose got the shares? I have always asked why can’t they be one church or religion? aren’t ya’ll praising the same dude? Maybe that’s why nobody’s prayers are being heard…ya’ll are making too much noise at the same time…Jesus probably fucking hates Sundays I tell you!

I feel like I am ending this entry too early. What is your take, has church and/or religion become a business?

Comments below…always welcomed…no really…comment.

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