English is not our first language

Firstly I’d like to say well done to white people for being able to make English a universal language. You bastards did it. Props to you!!! *Slow Clap* Imagine if IsiZulu was a universal language…. just think about it….surely it would be difficult-nyana but these bitches would have to get use to it right?

Anyway my concern for this post is that ENGLISH is not our first language for those who agree say ‘I’….. I mean do you realize there are things in your house that you don’t know the names for…no seriously. You are only scratching the surface…you say it’s a chair, sofa, table, bed, spoon…but what is it’s name? yes. White person will come tell you it’s a chair and probably tell you the chair’s name and the day it was made…and you fucking bought that shit…embarrassing.

It is god damn frustrating…trying to spell some simple English words…but still end up getting it RONG.…sometimes you know…you call sense that “Hayi man! this English word is Wrong but you don’t know where or what or why? Perhaps someone who makes a good example out of this horrible English situation is Katt Williams. In one of his stand ups…just good Katt Williams Knife joke..

Katt explains here how his English teacher asks him to spell out a few words…beginning with KITCHEN….as taught, he sounds out the word..KIT….chen…chen…KIT..K.I.T….ch..ch..chen…K.I.T.C.H.E.N! very good, now spell out Knife…again he sounds it out and ultimately spells out NIFE!! Teacher says ‘NO Katt, it’s KNIFE! what? what? K????? why is there a K? watch the clip

Apparently The K is silence #rollseyes My word. White people give us a break would you…like come on. We’ve struggled enough! Don’t do this to us…as Black people let us get away with spelling or saying or even placing symbols in the wrong places. A break, a KitKat!

What horrible experiences have you had with this English thing? What worse moment did you lose a letter or two and wrote the wrong words? humiliating




One Reply to “English is not our first language”

  1. Yes, English is one of the most illogical languages there is (maybe apart from Chinese and similar writing).
    Thank you for deciding to follow my blog Bobbing Around. I hope to provide you with lots of entertainment, information and even inspiration.


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