Devil’s crossroads

Roads are designed in a unique way…perhaps all of them with turns, corners, circles and some very highway straight…there is this crossroad by the apartment Birkett Court. It is not a complicated crossroad but due to the few accidents that have occurred there I Have titled it The Devil’s crossroads. Now if it was Supernatural I’d go dig up a hole in the centre and try make myself  10 year deal with Crowlie/The crossroad demon. #seriesreference

Anyway. At bout 1am on the 29th Jan. As me and Mlondi were having one of our late night conversation bout weight gaining!!! quite an intriguing discussion…and people still insist male conversations revolve around girls…you idiots!!!!!!! #rollseyes. This is the sound we heard…screeeeeeechhhh bbrrrrrrrrr phaaaaaa! accident! we rush outside to assist if we can. I grab my phone…so I can dial ER24….speed dial bitches!!!!! 

It’s a mess! drive has hit an electric pole. He is alive no scratches !! He could have taken a jog and came back, sadly for his passenger….he seemed to have passed. Now this entry is not bout the ignorance and stupidity of the driver who was under the influence of alcohol!! NO! it”s not bot the lies he was telling of how the accident occurred!! NO we can’t talk bout that….it’s not like you are told all the fucking time to not drink under the influence of alcohol or drugs!!! NOpe! it’s not like there are ads saying Arrive alive! don’t drink and drive!

Sadly my entry is about us the people surrounding the accident. Humans! we are fragile things…anything resonating to blood and death seems to frighten us. We watched as this human cry for his cousin “Ngane ka sisi”….he was begging us to help him move this guy out of the car so he can get him to the hospital!!! I mean the….I can’t find the English word but something in me hurt!!!! I wanted to help but I was afraid not only that but I didn’t know what to do…what if this nigger is still alive and we move him and he dies???? That was my fear! later my fear would be what if this nigger was alive but because we didn’t move him….he passed? FUCK!!!

This brings me to my ultimate conclusion. I think everyone should learn first aid for accidents…so we know what to fucking do! everyone should take at least a short course!! We watch so many series bout doctors, health and saving of life’s but can’t apply it? I traveled for 3 weeks with Paramedics in 2014 but that knowledge was not useful in real life practical…I need it again

What would you do? Do you wanna watch someone you love die right in front of you cause you didn’t know what to do???

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