One sided arguments

So often that people, myself included make closed off statements and see them as absolute truth. That nothing can challenge or derail that statement as being a fact. Frankly in my opinion that is untrue. We can agree that we have shared experiences, all those shared experiences were in different conditions and influenced by certain beliefs and ideas…ja? That is an open ended statement?

so often that we judge things or actions based on how there happen to “US”…singular…and we declare that as ye absolute. For example MEN ARE TRASH…yes we are going there…if women n per se can make the statement men are trash then men are allowed to make the statement women are whores…true? a student of mine made such a statement. When I brought my argument up…she clearly didn’t find it appeasing. Why? because it went against her beliefs… or rather it challenged her beliefs. She choose to close the conversation, in my opinion perhaps she wasn’t ‘grown’ enough to understand the level of without being offensive “intellect” that absolute statements can amount too.

There have been an abundant number of times were I have made absolute statements…there have been those who have challenged me and I conquered that I was making an opinion. It is perhaps time for us all to start discussing without argument bout the different ways we see things and how there affect the other…make it clear that it is an opinion…unless you have a pile of research to back your statement…then I will arrive with my pile of research to counter it. Clean fight people…no one must cry for mommy at the end.

Have anything to say…an opinion or not? Here is a conversation on the topic


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