Does it make me COCONUT?

We’re all familiar with the phrase “Coconut” or “OREO”. To simply put it, refers to someone who is black/brown on the outside but all white inside…a two face…black and white….someone like…Mmusi Maimane…na’mean. It is not that some have a choice…it just happens.

Now in this entry I wanna refer to myself. I am questioning whether I am coconut.. I am black or African. Whichever suits you…don’t really matter to me. Culturally I am Zulu…now here is where the issue is…I know nothing bout my culture…I know general things some of which I challenge thus there is that idea of…if I am challenging it do I know it? It being the history.

There are many things that some people “dark” people have inevitably tested for us in the past….decades or centuries and made the decision that everyone else should follow in their footstep is rather prints….bullshit!!!! I say

I can’t be in love with a strange girl I have never met in my life because we accidently have the same surname or forenames…what? What? Come on people…there are a lot of factors that should play in that theory.

Does it make me coconut that I don’t know many things about my culture…is the fact that I am black, Zulu and believe in my “culture” not enough…that I think Shaka as a person in his time was great…but it doesn’t mean necessarily I have to follow in those foot print he left behind.

Ideologies people…time transcends everything…what was then needs to adapt…survival of the fittest as Charles Darwin said. Yeah bitch, I am quoting Life Science…or Psychology. We are forcing ideologies that should have died long time ago into the now.

Virginity testing? Who still does that and who is it for? You’re asking men to fuxk around yet you asking women not to? Those are contradicting ideologies. Who are these men suppose to fuxk, if everyone is being told not to be fucked. You’re asking people to be raped then…? Open eyes…look at what you’re doing!!

Perhaps I grew up with a lot of influences around me. Hell I sometimes make a joke that I am Chinese its just that I have a skin condition. I say that only cause I grew up surrounded by Asian ideologies and philosophies…mother didn’t take me through the Zulu course…no one did…and IsiZulu in high school did its part but come on with facebook, twitter, media, books etc…my head exploded with integrated ideas.

Now a question to myself and perhaps to who ever reads this? Have I lost wHo I am? Do I even know who I am? Can I classify myself under the Zulu culture even though I hardly know any history…except Shaka I live for that bit! I thrive.

Do I need to know it or can I exist without such knowledge? You must understand that the Zulu we are speaking now is an integration of so many thing…changing time… You might think you’re speaking IsiZulu and you go Zululand or Nongoma and boom!!!! you don’t know what is happening…you know nothing boy!!!!!

Am I coconut or not? To be or not to be…

One Reply to “Does it make me COCONUT?”

  1. Wow, you glad I came across this you have put this in a way that I relate to so much and thank you because I’ve often felt like I now need to be forced to be something I was never taught just because I’m zulu yes I’m African but my mother was very much raising me to do me for me.


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