The FEAR and excitement of doing new work

There is a saying in this world of art. Perhaps it does not originate from art but it holds.

“You’re only as good as your last work”

Simply means whatever work you do needs to outside the fuck out of the previous one. Now I must honestly say the statement puts me under a lot of pressure. The last two previous works I did Directing and Choreography in 2017 were award winning works. To be honest it still amazes me today.

That being said there is a certain amount of pressure that seems to linger over my head, pressure I might say is placed by myself. “I”

I constantly wanna be better all the time…not better than anyone but better than I was the previous time. It’s a work ethic I in scripted in my heart ever since I landed in the dance and theatre studio. That I will always out work myself. However I worry sometimes if I can be better or have I reached my limit? Have I reached that point were I can no longer produce work with meaning or develop new individuals that will go out there and conquer their fears with art. It’s a real fear that I have…

But I am always excited as well. The pressure excites me…the mystery of it all excites me. The thought of it all makes my heart jump outside my own chest.

I have ideas…I have thoughts that go beyond my own imagination…like I said in one of my blog entries “I’m a curious human”. Everyday I seek to know what I didn’t yesterday…everyday I wanna try do what I couldn’t yesterday…there is this constant nag at the back of my head that just wants to experience.

My new directing work which features two lovely performers. Is based on the daily life’s of morticians…you don’t have to google what that is…morticians are people that deal with the death…work at the morgue. I’m curious bout death…the minutes before and what happens after. Hopefully when the final work is produced others can be able to learn the fascinating things that I have learnt thus far and there is a lot I tell ya…

Fear excites me…it makes me see my limit and then find a way to push beyond them…at this point in my lifetime I am amazed at what i have been able to do…and I don’t think I am stopping yet…

What fears excite you? And how are you planning to go beyond them…let’s have a conversation…

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