Enabling Conversations

If you read my previous entry enabling conversations the idea behind this should be easy.

In the light of seeking awakening conversations were opinions and thoughts are shared. I have decided with a friend Mlondi to open a new blog segment titled “Enabling conversations”. Once a week we will pick a title that we want to discuss with you reader and viewer. Conversations perhaps that are in the shadows, conversations that can transition us as people to be better or be aware of  each others thought and feelings on issues in society. We will try by all means to be open and invite argument…but it is not all bout arguments it is more about learning from each other as people by sharing and speaking out our thought.

This first entry is titled Masculinity: the emotionally constipated male. We discuss the yes…the emotionally constipated male. We are speaking for the male…most males might relate but we talking from our own experiences as males in a South African context. As we stated comments are highly welcome as there will contribute to the success of this segment. We try as hard as we can in this first entry to stick to the male…although the female leaks in there and there….we avoid speaking about the female because firstly we are not females…we can not absolutely understand how they would feel. Although we understand as we males are created and structured in a certain way so is the issue with our female companions…but that will be something discussed when we invite a female voice to speak for the females.

I do hope this entry is full of lessons and people can contribute with comments…as the segment grows…we will grow together in quality and love.


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