Unapologetic about RACE

There are things we all need to say bout race, not racism but race…a social constructed ideology. Let us address something first… I don’t see color? Yu don’t see color? what are you a dog? You only see black and white…people stop being idiotic….of course race exists color exist…in South Africa there are Indians, Blacks, Whites and Coloured…of all those it would seem Indian is the only race not associated/classified with a color…Interesting right…

The only issue that perhaps can be said bout race that is at false is the classification it makes, the way it is used to create hierarchy amongst people. Again something we should agree on is that yes…as “RACES” there are things that one race excels in more than the other…if you are going to deny such a fact that you are an idiot as well you can my lollipop…its Yogeata my fav.

I will not go into detail bout who is good at what and who is not good at what…randomly I can say we all know Jamaicans are great at running….watch Bolt go!!! I have had black, Indian, White and Coloured friends all whom I gave love to and still love today. I cannot say the same however with their parents…the old generation. I know of an old white friend of mine whose parents hated me. Once in this friends birthday the mother had a deep conversation with me bout how if I ever dated her daughter they would possibly disown her…whaaat? Yes…they would never come to her wedding. I was shocked but kept my cool.

I wondered what is it with me that she didn’t like…I was a cool guy…I made her daughter happy…I would think….then I soon realise…late I might say…that it wasn’t me. It was her. Her ideologies bout race were still trapped in time of apartheid. I was what she titled lower human class…not her words… but might as well been. Although I now can never do anything bout it. My friend never knew this conversation that transpired that day. And it was from that day on that I kept her safe…away from my black influence…to say…a mistake that I will have to live with.

The world is changing, there are people who excited to help with the change. White people who see that something is wrong….in this conversation on our segment enabling conversation we invited Francis…an individual with a perspective.


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