A Gay Superhero

I remember watching Dave Chappelle’s special The age of spin, there is a skit were he talks bout a gay superhero whose name people keep forgetting. Same hero different boots. This brings me to my topic today….Gay superhero.

Sexuality has in time structured us as human beings…we have become to inclined to put each other in this box and every time someone tries to jump out. People scream NO! you can’t do that? You can’t say that? Why not!!! I have never been homosexual but I as a heterosexual male am impressed by the ability and freedom of homosexuals. I fully understand that there are still issues at hand…homophobic issues but homosexuals for males are pretty much superheroes.

Males as I have noted in previous blog entries have been boxed in, their emotions or expression of emotions have been boxed in a box…PANDORA Box. YOu can’t open that can of worms. While on the other hand homosexuals have freed themselves of this constraint. I agree there are those that haven’t been able to free themselves of these chain but those that have…have my praise.

I am lucky enough to be able to express myself freely in form possible…but there are so many males who can’t do that….You guys need gay friends in your lives. This entry is followed by a conversation we had on homosexuality. We had questions to ask and our friend had most the answers….Please watch, comment and share….

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