The Penis vs the people

I know what you are thinking…How could he? a reference to the crime of the century? Well yes….but listen to my version first. Now the penis has committed a lot of “crime” so many counts that if we went through them right now…I would need more than 300 words. I am however for one crime…the penis has betrayed us men…most men. The penis has placed us in the most awkward positions men can be in…besides downward dog from yoga.

The problem with the penis is erection….now hear me well…an erection is a perfectly acceptable occurrence in males, in appropriate times we want our Django to be erect…my brother goes as far as to say…an erection is a compliment. Yes, I agree…but there are times were erection betrays us as men. Were it is absolutely pivot for us to focus on whatever thing we are doing but the god damn thing just has a mind of its own..

Shocking truth Men are not attracted to all the females they see. OMG really? DUH!…but when an opportunity to GET SOME arrives it seems all sense goes OUT the window and one brain speaks the penis brain…Sometimes you even hype yourself

“I will not fuck her, I don’t want to fuck her” When she arrives and she has that dress that can easily be taken off….Oh Jesus the little brain goes “HELLLOOO”

Sexual attraction is seeing something you’re physically attracted to in someone and it turns you on…that is my simple definition….there are times were you have no ounce of attraction for someone but when they touch you….OUT the window!!!!!

Erections as men has betrayed us… you want to watch football…your lady comes and rubs you the right way and…OUT the window!!!! Erections have betrayed us…..Women think we are perverts that all we think bout is sex, sex, sex….not all the time. Sometimes I am thinking bout what will I write on the blog….and then her thighs come to my brain…OUT the window

It gets worse and a little creepy….I watched an ad bout a fruit! a fruit!! I got an erection…..that is not good penis!!! I am gonna go on strike and neither of us will like it. What moments has you penis put you in that you were like damn penis….did you have to??

Which moments have your penis humorously betrayed you in?? leave a comment

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