Do these jeans make me look gay?

To be honest I have never been a fashion type of person, occasionally I might wear something sexy for the eye. I do only have 2 pairs of shoes, well now that my brother has bought me a second pair after for like three years I had been abusing one pair of shoes. Thank You little brother

Firstly props to me for keeping one pair of shoes for three years…right? Not that I didn’t have the money, honestly I just hate fucking wearing something over my body.

When did it start? Well once upon a time…it has always been that way. However that is not the purpose of this writing….I have a concern bout fashion…dress to be exact. Roach-Higgins defines dress as an assemblage of modifications of the body and/or supplements to the body. We all know what supplements do to you if not used correctly. Can we be honest though and state that dressing up is clearly meant for women…I am not complaining bout that…well almost not…

In my wardrobe you will find either black, black, green, grey and luckily one red shirt…that is most of the colors you will find. It is my belief that men have been color blinded when it comes to fashion/clothes/dress… One time were I can use these clothing men have become dogs…only able to see black and white and what’s in between. Why is that? Why can’t I dress up in pink shirt, red jeans and fucking blue sneakers…in the back of your head you’ve probably come up with an answer…How certain can I be that your answer has something to do with gender/sexuality..?

Again I am not complaining but its something to consider…men have been placed in the closet..this one is closed shut, can’t come out if this one boys…or can we?

“Bro this jean is fucking awesome, true question though…does it make me look gay?”

What does that even mean? He is simply asking if the jeans are too pretty, colorful or too girly. Honestly I’d like men to have choices…our fellow gay males seem to transcend..they seem to have come out the closet, yes pun intended. We on the other hand straight men are still fucking banging the door trying to have a voice…whose gonna let us out…who are we going to call? Ghost busters? there has to be an alpha male out there that can say gents let’s be overly fashionable and not give a damn bout what people say? Raaaaaaah!!!!!! That is a manly cry…

True question though do these jeans make me look gay?

Leave a comment, say something…you’re too quiet…what is your opinion??

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