So much Vagina!! Where are all the Penises??

Like any normal human being with thumbs, boredom, curiousity or whatever, I too love the Internet. Downloading, writing blogs, reading articles, watching YouTube videos….the internet has provided some of us with extensive knowledge. I have one question, a question which is the purpose of this whole blog entry.

Ever been on the net, trying to download or watching some interesting video and on the side/or a pop up says “Sexy mama, looking for some love” “Men once you try this you will never need Viagra again” “Horny older woman wants you”  I am not going to continue because there are lot more of these ads. Now look at the ads carefully so you can answer my question…

Why are these ads always targeting men’s sexual drives and not women? Hear me well… I am just curious to understand why is it always guys who are the targets? Women use the internet too, right?  Every time it is there…forget all the bitcoin ads which are a blog entry on their own…. I asked a gay friend of mine ‘Doesn’t he get pissed off seeing all these women being advertised when he is into men?’

In my opinion it is unfair…the whole thing…society still continues to frown upon women freely enjoying their sexuality….it frowns upon the idea that women need this enticement of sex as well… “Looking for a hot guy…chat here” “Lonely hot 20 year old male looking to hang out”.  It is very unfair to assume that guys are horny all the time… Most times when I see these women I feel ashamed…Look at someone’s mother, daughter, sister, grandma online advertising themselves for sex….I mean it is probably all lies…most times it is…not that I have tried but I am saying nje!

It is a concern worth looking into…If I was the only who saw this perhaps it is time for you to open your freaking mind….


Blogger Out.

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