Have clothes stolen your personal identity?

It is no secret amongst my friends and peers that I hate clothes…what are there for really? I mean sure to keep us warm and healthy but what else.

In persuit for understanding of clothes… I am currently working on a production that questions this idea behind them. I am trying to assess if clothes somehow are designed to embody our personal identity or is it the latter.

Through out history clothes have played the role to classify…whether classifying social status or gender or religion or culture…Which in my opinion is kind of dumb really…

Anyway. My ultimate question is aimed at you, yes you who is reading this…do clothes define your personal identity? Are the clothes you’re wearing right now intended to speak a part about who you are as a person? Did you buy those clothes because you were like…”hmmm this is so me”? Or because you saw a celeb or friend wear it?

My opinion is that although clothes may play a certain part in trying to define our personal identities…it is simply not that way. Clothes for me ultimately are someone elses personal identity…that someone else being the designer…s/he created this version of themselves that they forsee…you are just an embodiment of that personal identity…in retrospect you are a walking mannequin…selling someone’s personal identity to the world

You look at yourself from top to bottom and you see that you have mixed and matched different ideas trying to figure out who you are within these clothes…problem is you probably won’t…because tomorrow you will mix and match different items trying to figure out again who you are…you are using different personal identities to try and make up your own.

What am I saying? Am I saying everyone should walk around naked…if we could I’d say yes…what is more you… than you in your bare skin…but let me be realistic…I am just making you aware that clothes…don’t really define your personal identity…clothes have their own identity…you’re ultimately trying to find yourself within these clothes. You can make them play a Part in creating your personal identity…but just know; just like a snake you will shed your clothes. You will outgrow them physically and personally…you will try to find yourself anew again…does that mean your personal identity has changed?

It’s a question you have to ask really… Do you embody your clothes personality, or do the clothes embody your personality??

Food for thought, Blogger out.


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