I made a Spelling Error, So WHAT? Eat me

Sometimes when you type you can make spelling errors, there are many contributing factors to this…e.g. Typing too fast, too deep in the convo, Flirting you don’t want convo to die, you’re getting a really good BJ while typing…or simply you’re just not much in the convo…

So you made the error… In the words of Chow…so what, Did you die? I’d assume that you did not die…since you’re fucking correcting me. Unless i didn-t get the memo our convo is not an academic essay were you going to mark me wrong for spelling words incorrect….so I didn’t spell neccessary right… Sue me… It’s got two C’s or Two S’s…Its English Mother-Fucker

I am not gonna lie…sometimes I am an asshole as well… Fixing people’s word…but to be fair.. I fix the meaning rather than a type error. If you can see what I meant to write than why do you have a problem?

It was AUTOCORRECT!!! Oh autocorrect you hobbo! Autocorrect wants to play too… Someday autocorrect will probably cause a national incident…you wait and see…this is like a Simpson prediction.

Anyway langauge keeps changing, a lot, did I say a lot…Yes I did. People are either getting dummer or smarter… You decide…people are using less words and more emojis….some of us…don’t know what da fuck the emoji means…speak English or any other language I will understand. I swear there are three emojis for me that are rolling their eyes…look closer

Who decided that peaches are ASSES in the emoji world? And why are there fucking cat emojis?? God damnit!!! This social media typing thing gets complicated…but it does make things a little easy…just stop correcting my typing errors…. You know what I am trying to say…NA’MEAN

Blogger out.

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