How did you get so BIG and didn’t NOTICE

We live in the world were everything is super sized…I tell you, everything is becoming bigger. Cellphones were suppose to be getting smaller but boom bigger. That is not why we’re here though. We are here for a different big, the human form big! Yes!

The following is of sensitive nature so if you are immature then stop reading…I will wait…

You’re still reading? Good I had faith in you all along. Now if you notice I did not use the word FAT!! To be honest…this blog entry was bound to happen, Mlondi, a friend of mine and I have talked about it before. I was at Spar (Today) and bumped into a BIG guy…of course I was gonna bump into him he took the whole space. I want to say I didn’t see him coming but How could anyone not….The first question I had in my head was how the freaking hell did you get that huge and not notice., be like…

“YOh!!! I’m too big!!!, Let me exercise? Stop eating? Get help?”

Mara here you are now…a Mammoth and not in the slightest manner a good reference…just a blob! Am I being unreasonable? Am I being mean? Well good, maybe that might knock some sense into you! Few years down the line you’re going to be trying to run all that weight out…by that time it will be too late…You will lose your stamina…no long sex sessions for you…How can you have sex…can you even see your penis? OMG! imagine that…not being able to see your own DICK, must be really sad.

THERE IS MORE!!! YES of course there is more…WOMEN! Butt/Bums/ASSES have become the “THING” in the past years or so…I frankly don’t remember when but it happened. Then it was asses away…lot of big bums… but[t]..Yes pun intended. It has gone a little bit side ways…too far.

“Cha Sis that is no longer an ass…that is a bum now”

What is the difference? DO I have to spell it out…you’re fat now!!! Frankly you’re obese now and you think you have an ASS but NO! NO! NO! If you’ can’t run anymore, It is not good for your health…it will be late when you realise this, but I warned you.

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Blogger out


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