Best of state fracture and Pay back the curry (Comedy)

I have always been amazed about how comedians are able to take socio’political issues and make us laugh at them. It said laughter is a healer of all issues…but is it?

As I watched pay back the curry, I couldn’t help feel out of place. For me the work was fully meant for those who are Urbanise/Privileged in a way… Perhaps I don’t have the correct words to describe this…in a simple long paragraph. If the work were to go to local, it would get a few laughs, if hardly any. I understood the jokes but I felt that it wasn’t something new. I had heard it all before. Racism/Government!Zuma/Politics/corruption. It was over tod jokes that were not funny anymore rather sad

I giggled, laugh is an entirely different thing. It is one of those stand-up were you’d say…it had its moments. More than a stand’up it felt like it was a play….a play were you’d give a couple of notes.

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