Empty stage (Student theatre)

Now here is a work with a lot of promise. The concept behind the work I must say is something of genius. I have always been curious about abstract theatre. Productions were a performer would walk in sit for 1hr and leave…and the papers would write “Master piece in silence” for me that certainly is more performance art…even so…not really.

The concept behind this work as you should read in the programme is about a lady who gets pissed off seeing such a production and decides to take action.. what happens after that is drama, comedy and theatre. The two performers play multiple characters who entangled thanks to this lady who stood up. As some point I got even confused as to what is what and what is planned in the play. It was lovely to watch…however I must admit one thing that it began to repeat itself close to the end.

There was a point I felt it should have ended because it was still good….but it continued than it got lazy. The director now need to fix the smudges and train the performers even further and make her narrative clearly, other than that. This play is worth anyone’s while….you will like what you see conceptually.

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