KIU (Dance)

A question I kept asking myself, perhaps even before going in to watch the work was: is it possible for an individual/choreographer to put on work on stage about sacred tradition/culture without it losing meaning and the sacred aspects of it?

KIU which I didn’t know until I read is a Swahili rain dance. Sacred to its people as they use it to ask for rain from the GODS. As I watched KIU I began to wonder even more if you can really do it? The work although good in its own manner felt like something I have watched before. Rather than leaving me with an answer for my question left me wondering even more.

Its my belief that when movement becomes more about wowing rather than connect movement and narrative together…you fail us as viewers. I felt cheated… It got to a point were fellow audience members looked at their watches in wonder of when will it all end. Not that it was bad…but it kept almost repeating the same thing over and over…and over.

If you want to be vowed without a cohesive narrative/ clear than you can watch KIU….and tell me after what you thought

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