Tangible Energy (Dance)

At some point during your rehearsal process you call someone to come watch the show and they tell you. “Your work is ready. Go take over the world”

I simply don’t understand how this work made it to NATIONAL ART FESTIVAL the way it is. As soon as I walked in , I knew I made a bad decision. The performers did not look ready, but I gave the benefit of the doubt, perhaps its part of the dance piece…but NOPE. It went from bad to worse, The music was bad choice, the dancing was…I cannot explain…choice of lighting looked like errors. I wanted to walk out, I was in tears laughing.

I simply thought a prank was being pulled on us, I was waiting for Leon Schuster to come out!!! but it was genuine. As a dancer/choreographer/creator I have never felt so embarrassed in my 2018 life as an artist. I felt my second years class were better, way better than what I saw tonight.

Watch at your own risk.

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