The Revlon Girls (Theatre)

Make up, a filter for multiply hidden stories. This theatre work is made to make you cry but becareful not to smudge your make up. Five English women tell their stories of loss; loss of life, loss of beauty and loss of love. Intertwining loss with humour, not an easy thing to do but these ladies manage to do it with ease. These characters are looking for a way forward from the tradegy that befell their community but its not easy.

I watched how everything around the work blended to give you the narrative. The empty seats, the dripping water from the ceiling that kept being a reminder about the hole in these women’s lifes. I easedropped a conversation bout this theatre, I questioned if I was gonna enjoy it as a black man, I must say I was not disappointed as I felt the emotion that these character brought to life.

I would later after watching it hear that it won an ovation award, I was not surprised. If you happen to have time, and a lover of realistic theatre, to watch realism an old theatre testament…You will be amazed at how a group of women gathered to talk about make up can suddenly make you cry.

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