Time and spaces: The marrabenta solos

Here is man. A man with his body. A man using his body, sound and the space of theatre to not only interogate his identity but use it to interogate the theatre space.

The performance filled with subtle movement, music to make you listen and want to move as well. Panaibra, travels across the stage, through a timeline of his history to his present. Jorge, the musician helps in making us listen to this journey with his sound. I utterly enjoyed watching this performance as I wondered how would I interogate my own bodily identity, if I could

At one point of the performance, he articulates that he is in search of a new body within his own identity…and using the subtlity of his movement we watch as his body re’invents itself, becomes born again as one would see a young giraffe being born. The newly born giraffe would struggle to find its feet, fragile and young but grow up to be tall.

I was taken by the performance until the very last end, the movement, the music, the sound, the poetry and the words. All merged together. If you find it in your list, tick it as something to watch.

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