J. Bob live: Off the record

What is J. Bob Live: Off the record but a work to make you feel part of a group with strangers and be excited

Challenging the conventions of theatre? I place a question mark there because what Bob J. Live does is absolute fabulous. Bringing audience and act together to create an interactive theatre piece. A piece where you seek the answers online or the human archive, the brain.

The performer who wakes up the audience from their day slumber with humor and intellectual words/poetry…he simply challenges the audience to know more than the cover of any story they have seen/read. He tells the audience to widen the scale of their knowledge whether locally, nationally and internationally. ‘Be woke’ he exclaimed at one point.

I was taken by the show. I saw that there is knowledge that I perhaps don’t know in my own country…something that should change as I have the world in my hand. I recommend Bob J. Live: Off the record…although tonight was the last show…having already scooped an ovation, which I can say well deserved with that energy he brings into the theatre.

Tomorrow the 5/July he begins another live show at The Hangar which I am sure to visit


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