Bedroom epics (Theatre)

Sex on stage/simulation of sex on stage? Is that even a thing? Well Bedroom epics want yo argue that this can be done and can be refer to as theatre.

Tells a story of a house turned in a brothel which has seen more than a share of sexual escapades. This production is not for the faint hearted but I was rather suprised to see older generation being the main number in the audience and they were excited equal to the young one.

Sharing multiple stories within the produxtion the piece teases us on the “sex”… The stories were exciting to watch and listen to but was like watching amatuer porn… Didn’t really know were to put it, if you know what I mean. I felt like if they wanted to venture into this environment they could’ve gotten deeper. There were stories I enjoyed within the production…a story perhaps that is something which still occurs in traditional places men leaving their homes finding “love”

If you want a tease/childish excitement of simulated sex then be my guess and watch…but it will just be that…an idea of sex in the theatre space

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