Human pieces II (Absurd theatre)


It has perhaps been a decade since I have experiences absurdism…but never has it intrigued me and made me laugh as this piece. Sister and brother trapped in one room together…they can’t find the key or is it? I had reminiscence of the film Room.

I was taken by this production that had awkward occurence, were a speech would suddenly turn to screams or movement that really doesn’t seem to make sense but never takes away from the piece.

The performers were absolutely intriguing. I watch both with curiousity wondering how long did it take for them to create with their mind and physicality these characters. I ended up wondering what these two were like in real life

I loved the setting it had nothing,but was able to say so much…it was just a coloured room with a door, window and a chair…and the narrative was told.

Wonderful piece

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