Love in the time of a revolution (Student theatre)

Love in the time of revolution

A rainbow of excitement, a colorful work that can bring a sparkle in you. The work is layered with beautiful imagery meant for your own interpretation. The use of set, design and music had a working cohesion.

As I watched I felt reminded of Pina Bausch style of dance…e.g. Rite of spring. The turns, the bends and more had a striking resemblance.

As much beauty as it all was including the choreography I felt got to a point were it was too much. The first half the piece had already done the job of telling a good narrative, the rest was just a constant repeat that made me say “I get it ya’ll love Mandela”

In my opinion…the work shouldn’t go over 50min…even 45 min rather I want more than have had enough. It is a good choreography to watch though shows the hard work student placed in it.

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