J. Bob live: Location, Leykeyshin, Lokasie (Interactive Theatre)

J. Bobs. Live: LLL

They will tell you that there are 11 official languages in Mzansi mara forget to mention that squeezed in between those is township lingo. A blend of most language…mixed only to confuse the enemy.

J. Bobs live: location leykeyshini Locasie. Introduces us to this life of the township. Takes audience around the township with something I can only describe as a taxi. What is more Kasi than that.

However as a black man from the KZN township, I felt some disconnection with most of the lingo that came.  The idea that perhaps there exist different lingos for different parts of SA did not fall upon J. Bob’s mind? I felt somehow thrown off that I knew what was happening and the words being described but I knew them differently according to my location/Kasi. The words fell mostly in the upper regions of Gauteng rather than KZN/WC/ that is my understanding. Coming from Off the record I was excited… I still left having learnt a few thing…but I felt un-kasi…like I didn’t know when I knew? Is that the aim? To know more? but then again…a combination of different regions would help

Mara it is a good show that offers lesson to the sleeping mind.

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