Vuka Moses (Theatre)

There are an abundant number of stories to tell based on history, especially South African history. Stories and narratives hiding under rubble, some stories have died with their owners and some are sitting in your backyard with your Grand ma or Grand pa.

The director of Vuka Moses attempts to under earth such a tale. A tale of a man with secrets. The work Vuka Moses, another revolution play, is a theatre piece blending the past and contemporary South African issues. It is a well written had a few lacks however in terms of direction.

The build up towards the climax or the show was a bit lagging…took long to get there due to the unnecessary build up. Furthermore I felt it was everywhere… It was jumping timelines in my opinion trying to be a film. A rookie error to try mix Film ideas with Theatre. The bare stage didn’t offer much creativity…thus as you walked in you lacked interest in the start. As audience I found it hard to connect emotionally with the characters I wasn’t allowed time to be interested in all of them singular…however I was interested in the main character of the story for a tad bit.

The work at the moment surely looks like a growing community theatre piece, it is still in a developing phase… in due time if worked right…it can have potential. In my opinion if the director just uses the performers bodies more, develop a better setting and design…a set that would invite me to watch, the work would be much more effective.

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