Wilting Lillies (Theatre)

The idea of throwing simple banter of words to appease people is a slowly diminishing thing, it is becoming a thing of the past. Wilting Lillies a story of two brothers works in such a manner identifying itself with these changing times of words and literature in theatre.

Smartly written and Well performed. Using a combination of words from science and simple English you might miss the intellectual dialogue pertruded in the work. As an academic it offers something to think bout interms of the places educations can push us to, unhealthy places…whether emotionally, physically or psychologically

I must admit however the scientic jargon does steal a bit of a spotlight for us viewers to get emotional…we spend time trying to figure out what was just said and that creates a gap between what we hear and the emotions we are suppose to feel. I could see the agony in the audience as they tried to grasp what was being said thus denying the work an opportunity to be diluted with our feelings.

Set, design and costume are created in a way so you can identify the personalities of the two contradictory brothers…I believe the work has room to grow… In that room allow itself to try and relate more in dialogue with the outside “normal” world, if such exist. It can take more risk with the dialect tone between the brothers which I found at most times were at the same low resonance.

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