Let’s teach our girls to tell their stories as heroes…

During my first year of varsity in 2009, yes…it was that long ago. While walking at night, coming from Agric Lan a car stopped in the middle of Durban Road, a man comes out and says “Woza la Msunu”. Okay, let’s just hold it right there…in what world would I come to you if you use such words on me. So I instinctively ran. He chased me. He was BIGGER so fat chance he would catch me. I heard screeching tires, the same car that stopped passes by me, it stops in front of me, blocking the pavement; I jump on top of it, continue running, got to my gate and ran inside, opened the house and shut the door. I sat with my back on the door as if someone would push it to enter… my heart was pounding, I was breathing heavily…. I began to laugh…. I laughed so hard!!! I shouted “Woooh” as you would hear Ric Flair.

I know, I know, it sounds like something that is out of a film right, but its a true story. As I paced up and down the house, I certainly couldn’t wait to tell the gents when they got back. This was amazing!!!

That is how it is isn’t it, for guys, every messy story no matter how life Threatening it was, it will always be an epic adventure.  A simple slap can turn into a huge mambo jumbo fiasco! That is what this blog entry is about today, why are we not teaching our girls the same thing?  It’s not lying per se…but its being alive in tragedy. First let me be realistic, I have to be my own devil’s advocate. In any dangerous situation/risk/crime women possibly can encounter more harm than their opposite sex. Whilst men can escape with a few punches to the face, torn up clothes, loose teeth and maybe a black eye; Women on the other barely escape with their dignity intact. They can be raped!! and Kidnapped for more harm to be done on them. A cruel world indeed that we live in.

I want to highlight however surviving these dangers and experiences, the what happens after. It is a huge different to tell a story as a victim then telling it as a heroine in a movie. Why are we not teaching girls to be heroes of their stories, to look at the experience as something that will make you stronger. That when you tell the story, it is not hurtful for you rather it makes you excited like you were in a movie. I know, I know, I might be asking a lot but it’s the shift of mentality, the idea of making dangerous experiences makes you have a keen eye, you learn to understand that the world is full of danger, a mine sweep; how many tears will you shed every time you encounter dangerous situations? or tell of what happened to you?

There a multi amount of stories I have were my life was at risk that I can’t wait to share, many stories were I was bullied that I turned into hilarious adventures. I am asking every women, girl and lady to treat situations the same, to live in the danger as a heroine, a survivor of an epic tale, were you are ready to conquer the next.

Looking years back I read an article about how girl’s tee-shirt/tops are always saying something “girlie” whilst boys always say “epic shit”. You know what I am talking about, right? E.g Girl= Glamourous Butterfly/ Boys= Skydiving adventurer…. I am making an example… One of those statements is fantasy while the other can be realistic. Perhaps begin there, be an adventurer not a fantasy

Let us teach our ladies to tell their stories as heroines/heroes, adventurers ready to defeat the next villain. Undoubtedly this article was inspired  by a lovely lady who was a heroine in her story, she doesn’t realise it yet. You got my love, you sexy young lady. S.Z.


Blogger out.

Comments welcomed.


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