What lies under the mask of our heroes?

For most of us we find inspiration in strangers, people we see on TV/Internet…these people are at the height of what we would like to become/ at the pinnacle of the success we seek. With the #Metoo movement most we have learnt some dark secrets about some of our heroes. I have also suffered the fate of reading that one my heroes is being charged with such a crime…but the biggest question I am asking in this entry is what do we do when our heroes go villain? when heroes do what we are whole heartily against? do we still see them as our heroes? what does it say about us? are we naturally as bad? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE UNDER THESE MASKS THEY WEAR!!!!!!

Of course these people have sold us a different perspective of who they really are? we were blind sided…. Is that the excuse we will make or will we defend them? It’s hard to defend a sexual offender, a rapist even worse. As a person who grew up without a father figure and having to entrust that role to Jackie Chan, a man whose hand I have never even shook. It would be devastating to find out any ill news about him.

These people, our role models, our heroes….celebrities…of course the first reaction would be “Naah” They are lying! He’d never do that! but HOW do you know? HOW DO YOU FUCKING KNOW!!

How can I be certain that my hero didn’t do it? It’s not like I can ask him/her

It’s a fucking mess isn’t…..People have defended their heroes from many criminal acts… oh he was still young? He was doing it for fun? Oh come on everybody does that? Are we letting these people off because they are famous? Because they have money? A lot of things are to be questioned…. My fear one which still concerns me. How should I feel? I am watching all this from a distance… I don’t know what the truth is…certainly it would be different of it was someone I knew… isn’t that unfair though… what it’s true.

These people, these heroes of ours…they are human too….as humans we are bound to make errors/mistakes….the question is if they did it will they have enough guts to admit their wrong doing….and how should we react..

I clear don’t have the answers… rather I have more questions…..


Blogger Out.


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