Social media on TRIAL

Our beautiful platform of expression has placed itself under trial, and we are the cause.
Thanks to social media I’ve had some great laughs and was kind enough to share them with others. Yes, If you dont share those funny memes you are honestly a cruel human being… C.R.U.E.L!! We want to laugh too

Okay back to my point. Yes, thanks to social media more and more people have been getting a voice…some perhaps voicing out too many times. Yes, that long history book of a Facebook post! Yeah! suddenly everyone wants to write now. You a poet too? really? Word? Why do I keep defering from my main point.

Social media is on trial people. For those that dont know. A dude (South Africa) has been accused of raping a 7 yr old in a Restaurant….the fucking shame, none existent! So this dude has been accused of this hideous crime….not charged but accused. That’ is were the trial is at. Cellphones/Social media have already judged this nigger. Videos, pictures…this nigger’s grey hoodie all up on the net. U-guilty lomuntu manje….but what if he is not…what if it was all a misunderstanding…. Oh NO!! Reputation down the drain! This nigger can never win an argument ever again…anytime he tries to have one … you can just say….”Shut up you child rapist”

Ofcourse there are chances he did it…then he should fucking rot in prison. How could you do such a thing… this rape culture in South Africa, in Africa is ridiculous… I can’t understand it. JERK OFF guys…much better than prison.

Anyway, with our phones we have become investigative journalists…we want to be the first ones to post bout that thing that happen…we want views, we want comments, we want this acknowledgement from strangers. Is it all worth it though?

So what can’t we record and post immediately in this case, a criminal offense…the person’s face. Its a sexual offense people… so don’t show the face….?

Section 154(2) (b) of criminal procedure act….says… You cannot publish info relating to charges in question until accused has pleaded in the crime especially charges involving sexual offences.

I took that from an article I read…today. So don’t mind me trying to look smart. Yes, I am looking smart.

So people think bout what you are recording. If there is a crime…how bout calling for help!!! first…or helping, instead of pulling your phone out to record my mis-hap. With you guys around I swear a person could die.

And finally for the love of everyone…share our writing…Yes, I am taking about these blog posts people. We want the acknowledgement of strangers as well… I mean its nice when people like say “OMG JC I read your shit! it was so profound. I had an eternal orgasm. It healed my soul”. I mean no one has said that but it would be nice if someone did okay!


Blogger out

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