When a memory begins to fade

Its easy to fall inlove. All it takes is time,
words and moments. It begins
Hi, i’m JC…” I know… I’m K-k-kylie ”. A handshake…a long lasting handshake that seems like a galaxy of time. ‘ You have lovely eyes’. Giggles

It’s not difficult to fall inlove. It takes unfunny jokes that make you laugh. ‘You are so silly’…”you have a weird laugh…its hypnotic”….and faces turning red.

It’s kinda of easy to fall inlove. It’s thinking bout the.next time I see you. About looking at you and forgetting almost everything…”Hey, I have to go now…It’s pretty late..I have an….”…’ Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow’. That long hug…when are you going to fucking kiss me already.

It takes headaches that dont have medication. Tears that tissue can’t wipe away. More hugs that say “I’ll always be here’. It takes finding a favorite song together…a song that says I love this place I am in with you.

Laughs. Laughs that turn into tears. Laughs at seeing you because I remember laughing with you yesterday. Laughs at jumping around in the rain…because who fucking cares about tomorrows cold.

Takes holding hands…in secrets and pretending not notice. Heartbeating through the fingertips. “I can feel your heartbeat through your fingers”…’Hah really…I can feel yours too’. Red silence. Is your heartbeat getting louder?

Its takes inner thought. Those unspoken actions, that you’ll probably regret not ever taking. That moment as we danced. Feeling the squeeze of their hands around my body. ‘Should I go for a kiss?’….you look at them and you see that galaxy in their eyes again. You put your forehead on theirs…more heartbeats louder like an African drum. You’re suffocating. Sweating. She is warm. Her eyes are closed…she’s not longer dancing to the song but dancing to your breath, your heartbeat and hers. Your legs are melting away like butter. Is it me or is it getting hotter in here. Silent. Red silence.

FUCK! It’s not easy to fall inlove. When you let them go…its a thousand needles that penetrate your skin…and every time you think bout them..its like someone is playing piano using your needled skin as the chords.

It’s not easy. it’s starvation…haven’t eaten in days. When she looks at you…with her new boyfriend and her eyes tell you “I gave us so many chances but you never made a move’
Well fuck you, you never made a move either…

Did I mention its painful to fall inlove. Dancing in the rain feels cold and painful like acid on your skin. Replaying actions you didn’t accomplish…like kissing her when she fell over you as she slipped on the wet floor. There is that galaxy in her eyes again. For a moment you both got lost in those million stars…until someone shouted are you guys ‘going to kiss or what’. Red giggles. Heartbeats. “Are you okay”…’yeah..sorry’….its okkaay…go for a kiss…you fool.

Its hard to fall inlove. When words of I love you fall so easy on your tongue, that you can’t find the moment for your skin to turn red. These words are trapped between I love you as my friend or I really do love you…to infinity and beyond. Our silence has echoes.

It was never easy to tell you I loved you beyond hugs. Beyond sitting across you, holding hands. Beyond listening to music together and singing out of tune. Beyond YOU lying across my chest in tears telling me your life story. Me loving that you’re doing it. Beyond sitting with you for hours in silence and feeling like a century has passed. Beyond looking at you…there is that galaxy again.

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