The First time I had SEX

Now let me warn you before you get comfortable… This reading is of sensitive nature. I will be truthful and honest…. sometimes visual…so if you’re too young stop here….so you are still reading … okay you my friend are ready to read some serious nasty things.

First time I had sex…it wasn’t raining…. was a bit cold…but before it… the first time. I had turned down approximately 5 opportunities if not more were I could have lost my virginity🤦🏾♂

Why didn’t I? You ask. Well I was young and stupid that’s why….but if I am being honest… I’d probably still repeat my decisions. Now I am going to take you through all the 5 attempted sex…before the sex. It is going to be a long read…sit down…ready to shout ‘Lying!!’ or “what an idiot’

Attempt #1
I am 10 years old at the backyard of my grandfather’s house. An 8yr old girl is sitting on my lap caressing me. She is kissing me….it’s not innocent kissing. Yes I did say 10yrs old. My cousin keeps coming back to disturb the process but the girl keeps sending him to fetch some more rocks. He disappears again. She is putting her hand down my pants. I am reluctant. As young as I am… I know what she wants to do… Somehow I understand sex. She insists that we do this… I resist. Although young she is very pretty. Later on the years she’d retain her beauty and become one of the hottest girls in the hood.

“Woza hau…ungasabi…” (Don’t be scared. Let’s do it). I wonder what had happened to that child that she knew so much at her age.

That was the first attempt on sex that I denied. She would later again when older attempt sex with me, when she finds me at age 16yrs old reading my maths book alone at the house. She walks in locks the door… I kid you not…and sits next to me on the sofa. She was more experienced this time. I denied her again. That was it. After that years later she became a prostitute….yeah true story.
Attempt #2
You’d think any boy having turned 19 would be like yes…Michael Jackson…this is it!!!. I wanna fuck someone now…well apparently not me. At 19 years I was fragile, doing my 2nd year in Varsity. I had a crush on her. My word she was gorgeous. We got close.. pretty close. I knew everything bout her. One day I experienced my first kiss. Yeah I experienced my first kiss in 2nd year Varsity…blah blah blah. It was under raindrops. Oh what a lovely kiss…. I am imagining it right now.

She was experienced than me. She was 3 years older. Bisexual.

We kissed. Then she says…she would like me to come over to her place later for supper. Heartbeat. I waited WOB Res. It began to rain. Later she calls. Saying can I come over she’s done. Guest what foolish me said “It’s raining I can’t come over” I could feel the disappointment over the phone.

To be honest I was scared…and besides I had made a decision to have sex at 21years. I really  liked her…so why not?! Angazi What an idiot I was… I would continue to be around her for many years to come. We stayed friends. Best Crush I will ever have

Attempt #3

She is short. Dark skinned. Year younger than me. That bum of hers. Lord. It’s June vac at Varsity. I didn’t leave because I am in a production. We are kissing on the bed. Bruchian Malherbe. Things are heating up. Her clothes are coming off layer by layer. She is the one taking em off. In my head I don’t want to do it. I don’t know why. Months ago, I had told this girl I liked her and she laughed at me, but here we are now. She’s pretty. Sexy. I’m a virgin. She’s a virgin. She is undressed…on her underwear. I stop kissing her.

“What…why are you stopping… are we not doing this?”

“Eish! No…we can’t”. OMG!

I can see a flush of red on her dark face. She realises that she is on her underwear and I am still wearing all my clothes. A fucking jacket for that matter. I was sweating inside. She is embarrassed. She gets angry. I try to explain. She wants to hear nothing of it. Picks up her clothes.

“Cela ungiphelezele (please walk me out)”. That was it. She never forgave me for that. She fell pregnant months later. Could’ve been mine. Bullet. Missed.

What I wasn’t ready. To my excuse. There were no condoms around


She’s slender. Tiny human being. We had been flirting for like ever. It’s 2011. I am on top of her Malherbe Building D. Kissing…she is on her tiny bare breasts… those babies were round, perky and could fit right in my hand. She had been wanting me for a long time. She told me to my face. “Confidence, I like’ She came here because she wanted help on an essay. Why we are topless and on top of each other…..angazi. In my head I know we are not going to have sex. I have told her this before. However it made her want to fuck me even more. We are kissing….again I stop. My usual stupid acts. She pulls me back….grabs my hand and shoves it down her vagina. She is raining wet. She grabs my penis…yes people it was ready for action. She knew it. I pushed her hand away. Got off the bed. She called me to come back…these were her words

“Hau uyamcisha omunye even efuna (You dick wants me. Why are you denying it). Can I at least see it”…..Access denied!

I don’t know!!!!!!!!! What’s wrong with me

She came back next day. Still same result. Until she gave up. She comes back years later in life, to no avail. Am I too picky?

I know it sounds like fucking lies doesn’t it. Who would do such a thing leave vagina like that…. I don’t know.

Attempt #5

Now here is a nasty human. This girl brought out all the worst in me sexually. I felt all the sexual things I had in my head from watching erotic’s on E-tv were going to be fulfilled. She was nasty and she knew it. Second day after we met. She was already in my room. Pinned against Denison Malachite wardrobe and we were going at it. I was going to be 21 next month. We are doing every type of kissing known to man. She would bite me… I’d bite back.


She was wearing nothing except my large Oakland t-shirt. I was on my underwear. Threw her on the bed….things turn to wrestling. She’s on top of me. Her horny face looking at me. She is choking me…and was it fucking hot or what. I was telling myself….I am going to fuck this girl. She puts my hand on her vagina. She says “This is all for you…. you’re doing this to me”. She was a shower down there. Pulls the hand out and we both have a lick….I know…. I know… But it was freaking hot. We were in the moment. I couldn’t. I couldn’t fucken do it

She was the naughtiest girl ever. So pretty. Slender. First time I saw her, I knew me and her. Yet I couldn’t… And she never gave up. She’s probably the one girl I did so many sexual things with but never had sex with. That girl taught me things…and I was 2 years older than her… She kept coming back…even after I had had sex…but could never finish her. We went down on each other. Best head I have ever gotten. Let me tell you til this day…number one. 3 years later. I thought we are finally doing it. Then knock on the door. That was it. Never saw her again. To be honest with her. It was timing. I jut had a thing for this girl…who had a BF….so I couldn’t…. what an IDIOT!

I wonder if she were to be in my bed now…would I have her.

D day. 08/08/12.

I don’t know. When you haven’t had sex as a guy. You have these amazing plans…. wanting to re-enact all that you saw on Emmanuelle. If you’re too young….Emmanuelle was an erotica that played late night on E-Tv. I tell you…still the best porn ever!!.

Before sex…you Tell yourself you will do things to this girl. Come dick day. You have no fucking idea…. What the fuck is happening.

She knew sex. Wasn’t her first time. She calls me saying she’s coming over to Denison. I was like okay. I had been dropped by a date I had with a white girl. She’s a story for another day. We are naked. I am on top of her. Condom in my hand unwrapped. I can’t put it over my penis. My dick doesn’t want to be wrapped. But I can’t go back now. This is it. I am 21 now. My bday passed 4 months ago. So…. I go in without it. Less than 20seconds. I was out. That was it. First sexual experience. Had never masturbated in my life. No hand job. No blow job. Nothing. 20 seconds. I was done. The most horrible experience. It wasn’t as awesome as I thought it would be….

‘Sex is overrated. I told myself’
I was lying in time though it got pretty awesome. We had each other everywhere we possibly could. It does get better. If you’re doing it right and both parties are getting satisfied. I don’t know what makes it so pleasurable but it freaking is… I like the sound of satisfaction of my companion. That for me is the best part… I sometimes don’t like ejaculating…. especially when I am still enjoying the process of it all.

After first time sex… I spent about 3 years not having it….yes 3 years… I don’t know…. I just didn’t want to…and again so many attempts in between that were not utilised. At some point I think there is loose screw in my head.

Come lets have a convo about your first experience, the attempts in between/failures…

Blogger ready with chips..


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