Top 5 habits I picked up from my mother

Is it natural or is it in the genes. So many studies have been done to prove if things we do are from our natural instinct or we’ve vicariously picked them up from our parents. Is it nature or nurture? Three Identical strangers is an interesting documentary to watch for that question. Anyhow. That is the entry for today. Looking at the natural or nurtural… I don’t know if that word exists…habits that I picked up from mother.

#5 Whistling
When I was young, sitting outside the house I use to hear Mom in the kitchen whistling. It’s wasn’t a song…just a silly ditty tune. She’d naturally do it whenever she was focusing on cleaning or cooking. As strange as it was it was a calming whistle, I didn’t pay attention to it til later in life when at 26 I began whistling the same ditty tune. I was cleaning the kitchen and found myself just whistling. It was odd because it wasn’t any specific song I knew yet the tune sounded familiar til it clicked in my head that…mother.
It’s even stranger that whenever I try to intentionally do the tune.. I can’t.

#4 Eating while cooking
Okay, okay perhaps this one is natural to all of us? Some of us, maybe? I have a weird habit that frankly I don’t like anymore…which I will quit soon…maybe…of eating food while still cooking it. I mean it’s like tasting to see it if it’s ready… unfortunately by the end when it’s ready I am always kinda full. Mom in the kitchen did it all the time. Sometimes she’d do it while I was cooking… coming there and sneaking a piece of chicken ” Hmm Needs more salt”….

By the way…she always said ” Hmmm it needed more salt or you put too much salt”… fucking salt jerk.

#3 Mathematics

According to sources that being my grandma. Mother was really good at maths when she was young. So it wasn’t strange when I naturally excelled in the subject in school….my little brother would follow behind with this latent ability….it was my little sister who had the unfortunate luck of not getting the ability. This lack of the ability from my sister made me question this theory.

As a matter of fact.

Growing up being a street vendor, story for another..with mom. It was me and my little brother who assisted her. I did the business at my young age til high school, afterwards my little brother joined. My sister never got to grow up in the “family business”… We were quite settled at home by that time… lucky bitch.

So by those standards…because in street vendoring a lot of maths was required…very much required. But to be honest I did a lot of studying when it came to maths…maybe this habit is questionable.

#2 Walking….a lot.

If China was a day walkable distance… I would have taken my bags and began the journey. That is certainly how much I love to walk. There is something bout walking that completes me “Jerry McGuire” reference.

According to sources my grandma and aunt (mother’s oldest sister). My mom use to walk all the time. She’d get her siblings and they’d just walk 500 miles and 500 more…see what I did there? Anyway she had that habit of getting them into trouble by walking to far away especially for ‘girls’.

Naturally I have the same habit of walking. Any excuse to walk somewhere… I am in. I’d like to think of myself as an adventurer. What is beyond that horizon? Let’s walk and check it out.

#Honerable mention
I know what you’re bout to think… Honorable mention!!! What? why didn’t I just say Top 6. Well fuck you. Who does top 6 things? When have you ever heard top 6 facts… It’s 10 or 5? So let me have an honorable mention.

Brutal honesty.

Perhaps every black parent did this I don’t know? But my mother was brutally honest. She didn’t gives rats ass if it was going to hurt your feelings or what.

“Usuyadakwa phela” (Fuck you)

“Ngeke ungigibela ekhanda engathi ngihhashi” (a subtle fuck you all)

“Sis wam uyafeba nje…ayikho into oyiphikayo” (You a whore, admit it)

Men/Women she frankly didn’t care who she was being brutally honest too. Over the years, she has gotten softer.

#1 Love for Money

If mom won a R 1 million rands right now…and she found out that you just got paid R10k. She’d call you “My child I need to borrow just R1k. There is something I want to do. its important”

I am being honest. My mother loves money so much… she loves saving it and unfortunately she loves buying things as well. It’s a paradox I know!!!

How I picked up this habit is I would never easily buy something that I can make… And I can make a lot of things. I would rather walk to town to buy something that is R10 cheaper. I would walk in the rain then to get a taxi to my house….never!!

I can’t help it…over the years I have influenced couple of friends of mine to think in the same manner. Why waste money now when later you can have more…

To be honest the idea that there are things we do that are genetic is scary. I hate it. There are habits I wouldn’t like to have that my parents had in their lifetime. I like the idea of making my own choices. Even this list in its own way is scary to me….to think without notice I vicariously picked up habits from mother. Geezus Louise…what else did I pick that I don’t know…

So what habits do you think you picked up?

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