Sex related activities you should atleast try in 2019, if you haven’t.

How about you make 2019 a fun experimenting year for your pleasure. A list of fun things to GET UP too

1. Just Oral, no penetration.

I know i’m just going straight at it. right off the bat. It might sound “unfair” to anyone whose looking to get some but honestly it is going to be worth your while. There is something bout oral that always keeps the party going..

Your partner just has to know what their doing, otherwise its not really fun for anybody. There are so many ways you can do it to, be creative…

#make sure its clean down there

2. Sex in an open space

Living on edge right… I know what you’re thinking “hell no” “fudge no”. Stop that negative thinking. Sex in an open space is something of a thrill; You’ll always think bout it, trust me I know what I am talking about. especially when you pass the space you did it in. You get that smirk on your face, shake your head and you say “Hehehe muntu ugangile shame” #Good Times

Its the idea of it all, its exciting.

3. Sex masked in massage oil.

If you’re here and you are like “say something I haven’t done already” rolling your eyes and stuff. You’ve been having fun, if you haven’t… there is still a chance.

Sex masked in massage oil is one of those naughty sensual experiences you’ll want to delve in. It makes one feel like you’re in a porn film. Dammnnn!

If you’re good at massaging it makes the activity even more pleasurable. Learn how to massage…choose a technique and stick to it….you can thank me later.


4. Explore a new sex position

Some people are like the sun, they rise and fall (pun intended). Basically what I mean is they don’t want to try new things…how boring (yawn). You are an animal

Bend her over the bed and cross her legs…something a little bit more exciting. How many times are you gonna do the same doggy position your grandparents did…we all know doggy makes you come quick anyway…speaking from experience… I don’t know why! it gets me all the time

So add to your list…to try a new position. You can find these on google, very easy.

5. Stripping and lap dances.

Well hello!! I enjoy strip dancing… it was probably the first type of dancing I learnt when I was young, girly I know but I couldn’t help it.

Spice the sex life just a bit by stripping for your partner…male or female…a little bit of Ciara magic. She taught me a lot… Magic Mike (The movie) can help out too boys. #Yum_Yum

Don’t be afraid to spank your partner when they are showing YOU that booty/ass… its part of the fun. If you wanna laugh, please preserve it for after everyone’s clothes have come off.

I dont want to make the list too long, humans dont have that capacity to read anymore which is quite a shame really.

These 5 activities should be fun though, remember to enjoy the process because it’s no fun if nobody enjoys it.

If you have an idea to add on the list…write to me…don’t be afraid to enjoy your sex life



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