The Humbled Artist

For over 10 years, those years mixed with my student, teacher and professional life, as an artist I have met and worked with varying individuals. All with different personalities, traits, attitudes, talents and abilities.

There were those who were difficult to work with, difficult because instead of being humbled brought undesired attitudes to the working space; the ones who thought were bigger than you. Now it is not to say that attitude is not desirable in an artist, for some part to survive, you need that attitude but unfortunately what you need more is to fucking sit down and be humbled…that’s a quote from Lemar

There have been those individuals who are gifted, who had natural ability…the Lionel Messi type. These people make everything look so god damn easy…you want to hate these people but you can’t help but love them too. However natural ability comes with a horrible weakness, thinking you are the shit…that you don’t need to work as hard as everybody else…that is one devastating fault, especially for an artist. I have worked with individuals who were like this…it is sad to say that our relationship diminished simply for the fact that they thought they were above being taught. That this art thing to them comes natural…

Then there are hard workers. Those who believe in waking up early and leaving later than everyone else….the Ronaldo’s of our world. People who sweat and cry because they don’t want to be average anymore… these are your humbled artist…not to say these people will put themselves in any working position, no, these people will put themselves in any position that will challenge their physical, psychological and creative abilities. The humbled artist not only.challenges self but.challenges you the person working with them, because they give so much that you feel like you’re not giving enough.

I have worked with these people, shared bread with them, laughter and all the shit the world has to give. These people are still with me, we still work together
As an artist there is no need for one to be hot headed…we desire the same thing…to share our ideas with the world, to speak and to inspire, some to entertain…its all okay, the only thing that is not okay is for you to think you are bigger than everyone else.

I am not saying all these three types of artists are good or bad… I am saying choose one that will create a longer working relationship for you with others.



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