Intimate: a conversation

Initially Intimate, the dance production was meant to be different, in producing it I wanted to use a lot of visual technology (cameras) to be precise. I wanted to investigate the dynamics of dancing bodies. I wanted to create a space were the audience would have this intimate view of the dancer/performer, close and personal.

I wanted these cameras to film the performing body live in performance and the audience would watch the different parts of the dancer/performer move and working together in space.

The viewer would be given a chance to watch the full body of the performer physically on stage while also watching how each body part functions with another through video feed to create the idea of movement; to look at the toes, feet, the torso, the back, the hands, the fingers etc.

My intention for this idea was that the audience would travel mentally to the stage, be a speck around the performers bodies and almost like they are there in the space too rather than being outside of it.

Although the idea changed, I am still very much interested in pursuing it. In the new version of the work, I am including an opening video; which shows two bodies close and personal through lens of the camera, for me it’s sometimes seeing the body up close and personal that creates these intimate moments. In this opening the camera functions as the viewers eyes, scaling through every inch of the body.

In retrospect each eye, each individual sees intimacy different. It is very often that some people develop attraction for you as a dancer just because they’ve seen you move on stage (speaking from experience).

I mean because we all have a body we know what we seek in other bodies, sometimes you might not realize it but it’s the at the back of your mind.

In most cases if its not the eyes that give it away that you find something or someone attractive, its body language/gestures but we’re not there…that’s an entry for another day.

So my question is what do you find intimate about other bodies? What about your own body, what do you think is the most intimate thing bout self? Honestly if you share, it will help me quite a lot in expanding my work

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