The break-up

There will be a guy who writes poems for you. Poems about love, hate and love songs. He will think about you daily, but only choose specific days to tell you he’s thinking of you.
There will be a guy who knows how you laugh, maybe frown and how it makes him smile to see you laugh. When you are sad, he’ll kiss you on the forehead hoping all your problems will go away.
He’ll promise to give you the ocean and be glad when you don’t believe cause he can’t afford to buy the ocean. He won’t promise to buy you the earth cause it won’t fit into your heart.
There is that stupid foolish guy who will ask you on so many dates and even when you cancel he’ll ask you again, and again because being with you only for a moment is a light of his day. He will make so many phone calls because that’s the last thing he wanted to hear before he fought his nightmares.
There will be a guy who will see beyond your skirt, your tight ass, your short mini skirt…and that flat tummy with a future six pack. See beyond your moods and your caged emotions
He will probably kiss you, but don’t let him kiss you everywhere, leave parts of your body you can touch without thinking about him.
Let’s be honest too. He will probably break your heart somewhere along the line, you will be heart broken but it won’t give you sleepless nights cause you expected it. He’s a guy after all.
He will go silent, like a ghost town
He is swimming in his own tears because you can’t seem to swim with him.
He will comeback to you, as a memory. Remind you of all the these beautiful memories you had…even the lamest ones. But to you there are Beautiful. He will remind you of your first kiss with him. Wasn’t under the stars or on the beautiful sunset or a rainy day…but it was kiss were both your eyes were closed.
The first time you let him see your tears; the first time he let you see his tears. Well it’s a secret but the first time he went down on you, shhhh!! You’ll wake up the neighbors. The first time he told you he loved you, and that last time he did, and never heard it back.
There is gonna be that guy someday. Who sees himself waltzing with you to only the sound of silence and humming. And then hands…hands sliding…hands touching…lips…lips kissing…then breath…breathing and more breathing and nothing more…eyes open and gone
There is gonna be that guy someday and perhaps he’s not me…but when he does knock after all that grieve, do open the door for him. He will probably love you better than I ever could.

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