We get attached, to things that are distant from us. There is nothing more obvious that proves that statement then love, most of us fall in love with people who live far away from us, strangers.

To simply put it attraction can be infinite.

The love or attraction I want to address in this writing is that of character{s}. How we fall in love and get attached to characters whether in movies, anime or series. I love films, I love series and I utterly enjoy anime. In these we tend to love certain characters.

Prime example before I move further, think of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr), how weird is it going to be in the future when someone else plays Ironman. You can’t Imagine Ironman not as Downey Jr but someday it will happen. I mean we have fallen in love with the person playing the character that it’s hard to see anyone else in it, right?

But for this writing it’s not necessarily the people playing the characters I want to talk about even though the list is abundant. I really just want to talk about the characters themselves, to question or figure out why we fall in love with certain characters in movies, series or anime?

In these characters we could be finding a piece of ourselves, perhaps we’d like to be like them or their moral codes are something we embody, the list is perhaps endless, and that is what’s fascinating.

When I watched Naruto I loved Orichimaru, yes, he was a bad guy, an evil genius but even with all that information I loved his character, does this mean I am evil? Uhmm NO, there is something the writers are able to do that makes you have a love-hate relationship with certain characters.

There are times where I have gone to the length of completely erasing a series in my life if my favourite character dies or in some situations gets replaced; Two and a half men is probably another prime example for many. When Charlie was replaced with Ashton there wasn’t a certain feel anymore, Ashton is funny but Charlie had made us feel as if we knew and lived with the character, he was one of our weird uncle or friend, na’mean?


Even in films, you have that distaste when one of your favourite characters dies. In recent years films have tended to make “bad guys” likeable, I mean their ideals are not that bad, in actuality they make sense

“Anti-hero” anyone?

Recently you take Thanos from The Avengers, he’s a bad guy, but how much of a bad guy is he? You’re reading this and you’re going, I actually kinda liked Thanos, I liked Thanos too. To be honest as you grow older you do begin to realize that the bad guys actually make sense, you understand them.


You really must praise the creator’s abilities to make us fall in love with these unrealistic individuals. We find ourselves in them sometimes not ourselves per se but rather people we envy, people we wished we were. These characters I could say embody our alternative realities in a way, they are bold! not afraid of who they are, they make mistakes and own up to them, sometimes.  I can imagine if I was a Game Of Thrones fan, being on edge all the time, not knowing if your favourite character might die. I certain remember as a South Africa how I felt back in the old days of Generations “when it was still good” how I felt when Tau Mogale “passed away” I was hurt, I loved the character even Rapulana had made that character so believable to me.

You get attached, be honest.

So, what I want to know from you the reader is this. Which character[s] in series, movies and anime have you found connecting with and how did you feel when that character was taken away, if that happened? If not, what makes you love the character?

Do pardon my errors, its the excitement

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