The ART of hand holding

I remember when my little sister was a baby, she was so cute, as most babies. I remember one my favourite things to as probably with most people was to make her grab my finger with her little hands…on rare occasions I enjoyed nibbling on her hands.

It was fun.

When I opened her small hands, she’d innately grab my finger, just hold it or want to nibble it.


This for me is probably the first sign of the significance of hand holding. That feeling of holding on to something, makes you feel all warm inside and makes you feel like you belong to something or someone.


As we grow, we experience so many variations and significance in this little action to know that we are safe; we reach for our parents’ hand when we want to cross the road, because in the safety of mom’s hand we are secure.


When we grow up, we secretly yearn for this action, some of us will not admit it but we all desire it. The one place this is desired and significant is in relationships. In a relationship there is something hand holding does; without much words it declares that you and him/she are together. S/he belongs to me… in not so many words.


This is top secret but when you want to know if a date is going well just try hold your partners hand and squeeze it, it’s stated that if your partner squeezes back, you are A. Okay.


I am only touching the surface so far in getting you to realize how significant hand holding is…when you go to find out your health results or pregnancy results with your partner when the doctor comes in to give you those results without thought you reach out for your partner’s hand. This is assurance, a statement that says we are in this together. Quite deep isn’t it? Such a small gesture yet carries so much weight… even on one’s death bed.


While during research for a play about death, I found out that the last place you find warmth when a person dies is in the hands. I want to believe that… you and I have seen it in movies when someone is dead, the other people grab their hands and cry…there is something there…even when your relative or friend or lover are at their death bed you simply grab their hand. It’s a gesture that signifies care, love and presence.


It is no wonder that in your coffin the things that people get to see are your face and your hands; Because in the hands lies a piece of our souls. And when we hold hands, we are giving a bit of our soul.


We are saying here is a bit of my soul, I trust you enough to care for it and keep it safe.


What is your view on hand holding???

One Reply to “The ART of hand holding”

  1. Never really looked at hand holding this way but wow I can relate…thank you for sharing your insight or perspective on it


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