Specks in a big world

I recently recalled that years back I watched the movie Dr Seuss’s Horton hears a who? A narrative about these tiny people who had believed throughout life they were the only existing species/race, only to find out they are just a speck in a vast cosmic mark. I am choosing to use those words from Carl Sagan’s pale blue dot for a reason. In his narration of the Blue dot Sagan says the same thing, that we in planet earth are just a pale blue dot in a huge universe.
We are aren’t we, we basically live in a pixel of that dot. Do I even matter?
Having said all that, I want to bring this idea into my own surroundings, my own community. For some reason when I grew up, I knew the world was big, I wanted to see the big world. I knew that my hood was just a small place in what seemed a vast space. I would tell my friends or hommies that part of my dream is to be international. I saw myself beyond the walls of “the hood”, and perhaps from the start that was the difference. That while I used those words, their bigger world was seeing Table Mountain. Which was right across the province.
This brings me back to present day, it drains me to see people I grew up live the way they do…on a constant loop, on everyday high and ceaseless dreams. If you live in the township, emakhaya or the location, how many times have you heard your old friend who got stuck in the hood speak about driving that fancy car both of you use to see in a video game or series or worse the hopeless idea of winning the lottery, and living the dream afterwards.

If only your friend knew its not that easy. Furthermore, it’s quite sad cause these lottery dreams are things achieved without effort. Anyone can scratch numbers off a bloody paper; we my friends live in a world where things happen through effort…it’s not to say effort equals success because they are people with degrees that can contest that; but certainly, when effort is applied movement can happen, it is simple physics my friend.
You know reality, you, the one who got out. Your dreams are no longer fantasy, you are taking steps to achieve them. The journey is going to be long, hard and only you’ll know the truth about the things you did to get and achieve them.
Now here is me, I want to help. As much as my dream growing up was to travel international and see the world; one constant thing in that dream has forever remained the believe that my location, my town has abundant natural born talented people; these people need something that will help them see that their dreams don’t have to remain things of the night. I am not trying to make dreams a reality, but I want to make people see that, it’s possible, if not for you, for the next person.
Reality of course is that without capital, how far will I go? Well I am starting and that’s all that matters, right?
The honest question we can ask ourselves is; What is it that makes us think so differently? What is it that makes other people look at the world and see black, or white while others believe there is a grey area and then those of us who are gay for the world that scream, I see a fucking rainbow!
Perspectives? Choices? Intellect? Will? Access?
I think a combination of all these would be close. We can all make it out of the hood, the township, the city, hell even the country, with the right choices, no matter the circumstances. I don’t want to make examples of who did it, that’s depressing. It’s either you believe it or not? Isn’t that interesting. I am making you make a choice if you want to change or not. At the end it is us that can make choices to see things differently.
I think about all the choices I made in life, I am not saying all of them were best choices; I certainly wish I had done some things when I was young, but I think I had a big picture that I am still pursuing. So far, I haven’t made a bad choice for myself.
So, the question? How did you get out? Have you gotten out? Why do you think it’s possible to get out? Will your hood ever change? Honestly is education the only root of escape we have?

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