NO shoes allowed!!!

*No shoes allowed*

Imagine your bed, nice, comfy, clean, just waiting for you to throw yourself in it and snooze away; while imagining that, add someone, a friend/ a stranger, jumping into your bed first before you, the bitch, but it gets worse, they are wearing muddy shoes.

Look at all that dirt on your comfortable bed. Fucking awful neh?

Our bedrooms are our places of sanctuary, a place of zen, a place of sleep. Your bed or bedroom knows more about you then anyone, you might not necessarily utter everything to it but most likely it has seen you at your worse and your best. Think about that…

I have a policy of no shoes in my room; I have been asked many times why is it such? Most times I joke around but even in my jokes there resides truth. Let me explain why!

As you imagined the scenario in the beginning, hopefully you did cause if you didn’t, shame on YOU! Shame!

As you imagined there was a sense of comfort, a sense of ease. For most of us that’s what the bedroom provides. In your bed you sleep with shoes off, comfortable clothes “sometimes” or naked, even better. What I do with my no shoe policy is provide you with that sense of comfort

My no shoe policy enables you to feel like my room is home, just enough. There are no constraints, you have that feeling that you can sit longer cause you’re at home.

Yeah, it’s psychological, it works.

You’re also not gonna believe how feet are connected to parts of our brain, technically our whole bodies, I learnt that during my years of massage research.

There is a further underlying factor in this policy though. There is an ancient belief that states when we walk, as often as we humans do, we daily collect bad aura, bad spirits through our shoes…imagine how you feel after a long day of work/walking when you finally get home and take off your shoes.

Shoes carry all this bad luck for us; you absolutely cannot bring these bad spirits inside your room, your bedroom! NO! Leave them fighting outside, confused! I think it’s why I have a fear of putting my shoes under the bed! Yikes! Imagine all that bad aura,invited nightmares, but just a myth right? Also, wash your shoes guys, we all know how stinky the spirit can get.

I love my space, I tend to treat my space like how I would treat myself, with care, colour, comfort and love, and of course with some art madness involved😁

So the next time you walk into my room with a sign that says “no shoes allowed” don’t be shy, be comfortable and welcome yourself to part of your own bedroom.

If I could, the sign would be no clothes allowed, but that’s a conversation for another day.

So, what does your bedroom say about you? I can’t wait to hear your answers

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